Relive: the health and beauty of the hair is a totally natural fact.
Today, there is a new solution to the anomalies of the hair and scalp: Relive by Green Light. Relive is a range of hair care products that have been created by hairdressers for the hairdresser; a professional line that was produced from Green Light’s vast experience and tested in over eighty countries world wide, orientedto nature, produced with the best ingredients of vegetable origin, able to solve the problems of the stalk and the scalp. Nowadays, the anomalies of the scalp: fragile hair, loss of hair, seborrhoea, dandruff or hyper-hydrosis are effectively prevented thanks to the knowledge and technical ability of Green Light, all in the maximum respect of the physiological state of the hair and scalp.
Shampoos ( Energising Shampoo --- Hydro-Balancing Shampoo --- Oil-Balancing Shampoo ---
Anti-Dandruff Shampoo --- Anti-Stress Shampoo ).
Lotions ( Relive Active Lotion --- Anti-Dandruff Lotion ).

Fluids ( Hydro-Balancing Fluid --- Multi-Purpose Fluid ).

Kit ( Energizing Treatment Kit ).