Relive Active Lotion

Relive Active lotion
12 / 8 ml (12 / 0.27 fl OZ )

The natural principle active ingredients contained in the lotion stimulate the hair bulbs and protect the hair from harmful agents that damage the tricological structure. The Yeast and Oligo-Element extracts develop an eudermic effect that normalizes the metabolic processes of the cells of the bulb. The Vitamin H restores strength and vigor to the hair.

The principle active ingredients contained in all the Relive products are the result of profound and accurate selection which will guarantee efficaciousness and certainty of the effects in respect to the utmost concepts of "nature". All the beneficial principles of the Treatment Line Relive are guaranteed by natural, effective and non toxic components.

How to use: 
Apply the contents of one ampoule on the scalp and massage gently. Leave for 2 minutes.