Hydro-Balancing Fluid

Hydro-Balancing Fluid
100 ml (3,38 fl OZ)

Indicated in the treatment of excess sweat of the scalp (Hyper-Hydrosis). The vegetal oils, in which this product is particularly rich, are highly emollient, compatible with the skin and develop a calming effect on the sweat glands. Also, the Arnica, Capsico, Jojoba and Linseed Oils develop a purifying effect on the scalp that favor the nourishing action of the Vitamins A, E and F contained in the product.

The principle active ingredients contained in all the Relive products are the result of profound and accurate selection which will guarantee efficaciousness and certainty of the effects in respect to the utmost concepts of "nature'. All the beneficial principles of the Treatment Line Relive are guaranteed by natural, effective and non toxic components.

How to use: 
Evenly distribute 20ml of the product on the scalp and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse with an abundant amount of water. Then proceed with the Relive Shampoo Treatment.