Energizing Treatment Kit

Energising Treatment Kit
Complete Energising Treatment
A complete cosmetic treatment that helps in the prevention of the loss of hair and is able to restore the necessary conditions for a normal physiological regrowth. The particular shampoo invigorates the epidermal capilary microcirculation preparing the scalp to absorb the lotion: as a result, the efficaciousness of the treatment is optimised.

Energising Shampoo
The Arnica, Guaranà, Vite and Liquorice extracts give the shampoo a local stimulating action that invigorates the epidermal capillary micro-circulation. The cleansing base is formulated with vegetable tensioactive agents obtained from Olive Oil and Wheat proteins that allow the shampoo to carry out a complete and delicate purifying action that does not alter the natural characteristics of the hair.

Energising Lotion
The Liquorice and Serenoa Repens extracts are extremely effective in the prevention of the loss of hair, in that, they reduce the action of the 5 α Reduttasi enzyme. The stimoline biogene derived from Wheat seeds, the vitamins and the amino acids contained in the product restore the normal conditions which favour the physiological re-growth of the hair, allow optimal oxygenation of the hair bulb and carry out an efficacious restructuring action. The Liquorice extracts help reduce the sebaceous hyper-secretion.