Oil-Balancing Shampoo

Oil-Balancing Shampoo
250 ml. (8,45 fl oz) & 1000 ml. (33,8 fl oz)

Indicated in the treatment of seborrhea of the scalp. It deeply cleanses the hair and the sebaceous secretion is neutralized thanks to the principal active ingredients contained in the shampoo. The specific properties of the Bardana efficaciously purify the epidermis. An optimum and complete treatment is obtained when used in combination with the Oil-Balancing Fluid.

The principle active ingredients contained in all the Relive products are the result of profound and accurate selection which will guarantee efficaciousness and certainty of the effects in respect to the utmost concepts of "nature'. The tensioactive ingredients present in the Relive shampoos are all natural. They do not contain any toxicities or aggressive substances; they do not pollute, are easily accessible and renewable and more importantly, they do not alter the stability of the ecosystem. The vegetable tensioactive ingredients carry out a cleansing action while totally respecting the physiology of the skin. Therefore, all the beneficial principles of the Treatment Line Relive are guaranteed by natural, effective and non toxic components.

How to use:
Distribute 15/20 ml of shampoo on wet hair and foam will develop while carefully massaging the scalp and the hair. Leave for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Repeat operation if necessary.