Energising Shampoo

Energising Shampoo
250 ml (8,45 ft OZ)

Effective in the prevention of the loss of hair. The Arnica, Guarana, Vite and Liquorice ex¬tracts give the shampoo a local stimulating ac¬tion that invigorates the epidermal capillary micro-circulation. The shampoo carries out a complete and delicate purifying action that does not alter the natural characteristics of the hair.

The 5 Alpha Reduttasi enzyme is responsible for the loss of hair. Fortunately however, some inhibitors for this enzyme had been discovered in the vegetable world. The products in the Relive Energizing Treatment contain one of these inhibitors: the Serenoa Repens. Also, the principle active ingredients, Vite and Liquorice extracts, contribute to reduce sebaceum hyper secretion, developing a strong sebo regulatory and sedative action. As a result, the action of all the components contained in these products contribute to the prevention of the hair loss.

How to use:
Distribute 15/20 ml of shampoo on wet hair and foam will develop while carefully massaging the scalp and the hair. Leave for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Repeat operation if necessary.